Design of jewellery collections, model making and business consultancy.

I consider the world of industrial production very interesting, it is a complex organism that I have known in part during my almost thirty years of activity as a designer and model maker for national and international companies, including Effedue, Fope, Golay – Mikiko and Milor, with whom I have had constant collaborations over time and Alfex, Lorenz, Ellesse.

I have a deep knowledge of industrial production processes and practices, especially in the electroforming technique (process of electroplating metal on die) and the technique of lost wax casting; I have experience in the processing of printed material, laser cutting and technologies of direct manufacturing and rapid prototyping. I studied gemmology, obtaining in 2003 the title of gemmologist analyst.

In 2010 I opened the studio “the Blob House” in Milan.

Only in fairly recent times there has been an osmosis between my work aimed at creating one-off pieces and my activity for the brands of precious goods.
My personal way of working leads me to experiment, design in contact with matter, while I use and discover new materials, trying out processes and techniques acquired also in the industrial field, both in the design and production of prototypes, and in theoretical-practical knowledge. When I design for the industrial jewellery, I decline the discoveries I made while exploring new realities, in the creation of a jewel as a one-off piece… These can be shapes, textures, finishes, concepts, etc… and then, the paths intersect.

I provide consultancy to companies producing jewellery and watches for whom I design new collections, I can personally create the models and follow the working phases of production to ensure consistency and quality of the product.