They are edible jewels, with a date of expiry, to emphasize that the jewel is ephemeral. Common denominator is sweetness. Necklaces and bracelets to wear and consume, preferably in company.


Candy chains result from the combination of common confectionery products, deriving from “creative incursions” into supermarkets.
The result is necklaces and bracelets made by alternating candies, such as: marshmallows, licorice, rubber dummies, fruits snakes… food becomes matter and language.


These necklaces are created putting together pieces of food material with a single element in hard stone, unrecognizable to the eye. An example is the necklace made up of fragments of pure liquorice mixed with a single element of meteorite, to be identified in a sensorial way, or the necklace and bracelet made of sweet pebbles… be careful, also in this case, only one is really “true”!
Dangerous for teeth if you eat it!

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