I made the first BLOB* RINGS in 1992 starting from the idea to incorporate into the plastic that composes these rings miniatures, i. e. small objects, a sort of findings of everyday life and symbols of contemporary life. The plastic that envelops these elements like a coloured magma is worked in a totally personal and experimental way, reworking random shapes around a silver circle, the only material that is traditionally considered precious.


Blob earrings, the latest additions to the collection that uses polymers as constituent materials, are small melts of plastic material that can be more fluid and flat or contain solid and more prominent fragments. These earrings can incorporate semi-precious stones, pearls, crystals, etc. but this family of jewellery is characterized by the absence of figurative elements. They are precisely called blob_abstracta.

The right and left earrings are not identical, because their creation is an on-going procedure, which follows through the transformation during the melting process; almost a natural phenomenon. However, there is a dose of balance as the two earrings are calibrated in pairs so that they are of equal weight.
Once worn, they catch the attention of people watching, who start comparing the two earrings, the right and the left, not mirrored, not identical, but different twins!
The matter intrigues and the observer desperately seeks in the tangle of colours a known form… the representation of something that is not there: here the matter coincides with the meaning.

BLOB_abstracta, earrings, since 2019, various plastics, crystals, pearls… silver pin and butterfly closure.

During the years I have worked on the creation of small “families” of Blob rings on specific themes: “Blob Animalia” and “Blob Mutanti, or other more famous rings – that were published in articles and magazines – with food material and kitchen tools; jewels with slices of cakes, small cups or teapots, small coffeepots or sweets, all dipped in cream or in translucent glazes…

This collection, that was enriched with brooches, has undergone a process of increasing complexity and structuring; I have inserted new types of plastic (also recycled) on the same jewel, semi-precious stones and new characters. In this collection, besides the attention to shapes and colours and the experimental use of materials and techniques in the working of plastics, the focus is on creation of pop-surreal stories arised by linking characters and elements immersed in a colourful sea.

Everything happens there, on the top of the ring, about twenty-five square centimetres of surface, a useful space to bring together a new protagonist, or part of it, with a precious stone, or a raw mineral, a mini coffeepot, a lilliputian real shell, objets trouvés or jewellery miniatures I made. When wearing the ring, everything is suspended on the hand and despite the large size and load of things above, the ring is comfortable thanks to its ergonomic shape.

This is the artistic process, my “serious” game that is renewed in every ring.

* The title of the collection, Blob, comes from a movie of the Fifties that has become a cult movie for science fiction lovers: “Blob, the fluid that kills”. The main character of the movie is in fact a strawberry-coloured jelly which invades the Earth and swallows everything and everyone it finds on its way.

A sapphire here, a ruby there, a Martian’s head on the right and a little flower on the left, a doll’s eye, diamond dust, your favorite animal’s thigh, rain of stars… magma of the chosen color, base in silver, gold or palladium … here is the recipe for the perfect BLOB rings!

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