I have created a family of silver necklaces-chains with organic shapes and surfaces, such as: catena montuosa, ondina infinita, tondi-tondini, angolosa, gilette, bigolì, shark, ribonucleica…

In the names of the pieces I have made explicit the naturalistic reference, geological or microstructure suggestions, which inspire the various collections.  

Making necklaces is one of my projects that falls more into the world of jewellery, in the sense that I have set myself the goal of working only with metal and explore sensuality and roughness in surfaces, tactile and visual perception produced by various effects of likelihood with other materials.  

The CATENE ROCCIOSE, which inaugurate the CHAINS collection, are made of silver modules with a bold and rough shape, with surfaces similar to those of a mountain range.

In the white BIGOLì necklace, the sandy surface and the bleached silver give the object an effect of estrangement, as if it were not made of metal, but sugar, for example…

The black version of BIGOLì necklace, that is made with a galvanic ruthenium surface deposit, takes on an archaeological aspect of a patina-coated object and highlights the distortion and manipulation of the rings that are interlocked.

In the RICCIO necklace, the volumes are emptied, thanks to the micro-cracks that dot the surface passing through the shapes and indenting the contours; the small holes, almost macro pores, create a continuous variable in the tactile nature of the piece and a nuance of chromatic effects, dark and luminous parts.

The surfaces of the SHARK necklace are broken as if they were slabs of ice, while the details of some parts seem to mention scales, teeth or shark remains. This chain is long; when worn it reaches the navel, and with movement, the elements touch each other and generate a sound.

(All sounds of my chains have been sampled)

The ONDINA INFINITA necklace takes its name from the similarity of the module with the mathematical symbol of infinity and its sinuous shape that repeats itself and gives the effect of the rhythmic movement of the waves.

(An “ondina infinita” necklace is included in the collection of Museo degli Argenti at Palazzo Pitti in Florence)

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