The project – jewellery created with snow and ice in 2004- generated, ten years after, RUBEDO: ephemeral jewellery of wine solidified as a mass that is transformed and melts, with the passing of time, changing its form and matter.

FREE.ZERO is a project. It gives rise to forms in relation to the body, in a broader sense than the one usually indicated by the word jewel; METAMORFIC forms. They reflect the effect of TIME on MATERIAL and SHAPE. Jewellery that changes. PROCESS forms in extreme development, EPHEMERAL forms, PERCEPTVE and SENSORIAL forms.
What makes matter change is the warmth of the body, the object interacts closely with the body: the body melts the matter, shaping it to itself. Time, environment, body act on the form-matter. SENSORAL EXPERIENCES and MEMORIES.

The focus is on the material and not on the shape; I used snow and ice, in all their variations and nuances: fresh snow, frozen snow, transparent ice, frosty ice…
experiment of rejection of the form in favour of experience
as an antimatter because it is not stable.

The first idea of working with snow, handling it, creating snow piles, makes me think of the games on snow, and of unlimited white landscapes.

For me it is a feeling in relation to the world, to the macrocosm, which is inspired by mountain landscapes, rocks, falling snow… mixed with a daily reality that belongs to me most, related to the home, the environmental microcosm where I live…

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