OTTONI are small self-produced series, multiple jewellery composed by necklaces, bracelets, rings, earring…

Yes, I’ve made one-off pieces principally because in them lies the adventure and the discovery of possible ways of being: the creation of jewellery different from each other traces the evolution of the idea, enriched with precious nuances; but industrial production fascinates me as well, the possibility to see the project that becomes concrete and multiplies – sometimes almost endlessly – ready to be disseminated. There is an “intermezzo” between the composition of the single piece and serial production: the auto-production of multiples. The OTTONI (brasses) collection was born in this way as a democratic design. I have used one of the most fine metals among the so-called “not noble once”, precisely brass, a metal alloy with a golden colour composed of copper and zinc, with the aim of creating jewellery at reasonable prices to wear daily. The specific knowledge of metalworking techniques (since 1990 I have been a consultant designer/maker of models for jewellery) makes it possible to create jewels that reveal the sensuality of metal surfaces.

Once again for me the suggestion of the title can be traced back to a film: “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” (the film is based in part upon the book The Magic Bedknob; or, How to Become a Witch in Ten Easy Lessons, by Mary Norton) !

Brass is a metal alloy with a golden colour consisting primarily of copper and zinc; the finishes are made with a galvanic coating of another metal, such as gold, silver, white rhodium or black rhodium or a treatment of strong oxidation that characterize the jewellery with different colours and shades.

The OTTONI/Stecco collection comes in necklaces, bracelets and earrings. It is composed of single rigid elements, like three-dimensional segments that seem sculpted by the axe of a nimble woodsman. They are chipped and scratched shapes, in three different sizes, repeated and linked together by an elastic string which makes them easy and enjoyable to wear. The earrings’ pins are in silver, with an external galvanic coating that matches the jewel’s colour.

The OTTONI/riccio collection is composed of stacking rings and rounded rings of different sizes.
The volumes are emptied by the micro-cracks that dot the surfaces, passing through the shapes and indenting the contours; the small holes, almost macro pores, create a continuous variable in the tactile nature of the piece and a shade of colour effects of dark and bright parts accentuated by colour finishes. Here, the surface finish determines the shape.

In the OTTONI/circle collection the protagonist has the shape of the circle in various sizes and with different surfaces to create the complete set of necklaces, bracelets, rings and a remarkable variety of earrings, to wear – following my advice – “unmatched”.

The OTTONI/ small chains collection is composed of knitted/link elements with fluid shapes that, when irregularly attached to each other, form a variable pattern when worn. The earrings’ pins are in silver, with an external galvanic coating that matches the jewel’s colour.

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