IDEA. I create objects to wear, arising in particular from intuitions and ideas. My collections of rings, for instance, include the succulent rings -containing little plants to water – and the blob rings – plastic entanglement withholding objets trouvés. Among the necklaces are ondina infinita (wavelet chain) and catena montuosa (rockies chain) – in silver – or the bijoux-chocolat – jewels made of chocolate.

MATERIAL. I make my jewels not only with precious metals but also and above all with materials such as plastic, wood, paper, sugar… I like to work with raw materials, understand them and get suggestions to carry on further trials. I believe that every material has its own identity.

APPEARANCE. The common thread of my research, the visible link between all my jewels, is organicity, the magmaticity of the material and the sensuality of the surfaces.

ATTITUDE. My work means commitment but also game and fun; in fact, people say that my jewels are playful and ironic. This is attested by the little mouse that peeps out of a brooch, the huge real marshmallow necklaces, the image of Diabolik that seems to escape from a bracelet, the marabou feather on a ring.

ERGONOMICS. The making of my jewels inspire me to create ornaments to wear; although exuberant in forms and dimensions, they take into account wearability, they consider evaluating weights and balances against human morphology (incredible blob rings, deinos rings, bigolì…).

MUTATION. I have been exploring different paths, creating also so-called “ephemeral” projects, that I like to define “changing”: candycandles – wax monoliths meant to melt and release a silver ring, bijoux-chocolat – necklaces formed by great dark chocolate pearls which start to melt when they get in contact with the skin, – jewels made of snow that slowly turn into water.

PERFORMANCE. In recent years I have started to move to many cities with tasty suitcases full of sweets and other delicacies: I create live glucogioielli by threading rubbery candies that can be perforated with a thread and, selecting flavoured bonbons, I create jewellery for people.

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