Candycandle rings are rings embedded in monoliths of coloured and perfumed wax (here stands the similarity with candies) to be lit and worn with a special protective device.

The wax solid melts over an hour on average, liberating the large wedding ring in solid silver contained in the wax mass.

I worked to create plastic shapes of geological inspiration, like “volcanoes bonsai”,
thinking of “wearable” landscapes. The shapes have a biological connotation, they change
over time thanks to the action of the flame (the lighted candlewick) that dissolves the matter.
There remains an unexpectedly, randomly formed flat landscape and a ring to wear as if it were the revealed skeleton. Inside the ring there is an engraved phrase that will come into contact with the finger.
There is a juxtaposition between mutation and stability, presence and absence, soft and hard, life and death.

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