These rings, earrings and necklaces are made of many branches.

Overall, they have an irregular and sign-based appearance, as if they were free strokes made with a dip nib pen. The characteristics that interest me in these branches are randomness and necessity; it is like the movement of the roots into ground, they are blind but they seek water. Similarly, the lines I designed grow irregularly, though with a common direction. This aspect includes naturalistic suggestions but can also be interpreted as a social vision: connections, relations, links, organization charts…

as the roots of a tree that grow underground in all directions,
as the square root that generates all those numbers,
as the etymological root of words that contains their primary meaning
forms that multiply and expand in space
a strong structure with delicate endings
the world of underground roots, rich in humid odours and darkness, where perceptions become more lively and orientation is genetic
the world of moles, rabbits…
tender musk

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